Facebook Adds Spam Filter for Pages

I love the concept of fan pages since they allow brands, websites and people to connect with their fans through one of the biggest social networking website in the world. However, managing a fan page is a nightmare specially when you allow anyone to post to your wall.

Facebook Fan Page Spam Filter

In my experience of managing the Techie Buzz Fan Page (psst – we have 3000 fans, become one if you aren’t alreadySmile). I have seen a lot of posts which are spam and have been manually removing them by deleting them from the wall. This process is tedious because of the amount of posts I have to delete.

But it looks like Facebook has finally begun to understand the problems fan page admins are facing with the introduction of a new Spam Filter for Pages. According to the FAQ about Spam filter, Facebook says:

Facebook is now helping Page admins ensure that the most valuable content posted by users on their Page wall is more visible to anyone viewing the Page. We are now offering automatic content filtering on Page walls that will ensure that posts soliciting spam are removed from public view as well as ensure that posts containing good content remain more visible.

So go ahead and check your fan page, maybe you would see much lesser spam now and will be able to manage it with ease.

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Keith Dsouza

I am the editor-in-chief and owner of Techie Buzz. I love coding and have contributed to several open source projects in the past. You can know more about me and my projects by visiting my Personal Website.I am also a social networking enthusiast and can be found active on twitter, you can follow Keith on twitter @keithdsouza. You can click on my name to visit my Google+ profile.

  • Jeannie

    This new Spam feature is surely to be helpful, but what if you have a Page and you have a post that wound up in the SPAM filter from a new fan? There is no way for me to “un-spam” them. My problem with this new SPAM filter is this: I and my husband were both put in “Facebook Jail” for 24 hours for, according to Facebook, making too many annoy comments!! Even though this was NOT the case, as we were simply following the directions for a Flash Giveaway and then participating that evening in the Giveaway Event.. we both lost our privilege to comment for 24 hours!!!

    I have two comments on my Fan page that are in the SPAM filter.. I am certain they are not spammers, but were simply doing as I had done and wound up in “Facebook Jail”. The SPAM filter needs to have the option for the page owner to decide if it is truely “SPAM” or if they want to accept the post!!!

    • Jeannie, same here. I like that the spam filter has captured some of the spam on my wall but there are a couple of real comments that have ended up being caught as spam. There is no way to unspam them. I”m wondering though that since I have liked their page and have communicated with them if Facebook will not mark future posts from them as spam. It’s a test I need to do to figure it out :-)