Facebook Adds Remote Logout Feature

If you have used for a while, you might have seen a feature where Gmail displays you the devices you are logged in through and also allows you to logout of all other sessions remotely.

Facebook Remote Activity/Logout

It looks like is now testing the same feature, which will display the devices you have logged in from and also allow you to remotely logout of the sessions.

According to PC Mag, the "Account Security" section of your Account Settings page will now include a menu that displays "Most Recent Activity," as well as "Also Active," if your account is signed active in two or more locations. However, this feature is not yet enabled for all accounts and it might be rolled out to users in a phased manager.

Users can log out of logged in sessions by clicking on the "end activity" link, which will then clear the session on the listed device. The remote logout feature in Facebook will definitely be useful since you might easily have forgotten to logout of a public computer or friend’s computer. This security feature in Facebook might save you those Oops moments that might occur if your account is compromised.

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