Facebook Adds “Expecting a Baby” Life Event

In addition to the getting engaged, or adopting a new pet “Life Events”, Facebook has added yet another event to the list called “Expecting a Baby” in Family and Relationships section on Timeline, where expectant parents can share their baby’s due date along with whether it’s a boy or a girl.

“Life Events are easy and expressive ways to mark significant moments in your life such as getting married, buying a house or traveling to new places,” according to a Facebook blog post. “If you choose to, you can now share that you are expecting a baby with your friends on Facebook.”

The “Expecting a Baby” feature allows you to add details like who the other parent is, a location, and a brief story that you’d like to share with your friends. You are also provided with an option to add a photo, so your friends on Facebook may start seeing more pictures of ultrasounds and pregnant bellies on their news feed or on your Timeline.

Expecting a Baby Life Event

If you’re expecting a baby, you should share the happy news with your friends and relatives on Facebook. In order to do so, simply go to your Timeline and click on the “Life Event” option from the sharing tool. From there, click on “Family & Relationships” and select “Expecting a Baby.” Add the necessary details that you want to share before clicking the Save button.

The happy baby announcement will appear on your friends Facebook news feed page in the Celebrations section, located in the Expecting a Baby Facebook Notificationupper-right corner where birthdays appear.

If you’re not using Facebook’s new Timeline layout, you will not be able to take advantage of this feature. Life Events is one of the many features that Facebook Timeline offers in which users can express there happy moments in their lives such as getting married or engaged, or moving to a new city. The new addition to the Life Events list “Expecting a Baby” began rolling out yesterday, and will available to all Facebook users in a couple of days.

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Facebook has also revamped the Events feature with the new calendar and list view that highlights a list of current and upcoming events. However, the engagement and marriage events won’t be listed or added to the calendar view.

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