Facebook Comments Box Now Supports Adding Comments via Mobile

Facebook announced that they have now extended its comments plugin (the Comment Box) to work on mobile supported websites. Websites with the Comment Box plugin embedded in them will enable its mobile visitors to use the plugin to add their comments and views.

“Today we’re launching the Comments Box plugin for mobile to make it easier for media sites to engage people across the web and mobile devices, and for people to comment on news regardless of where they’re reading it,” Facebook announced.

Installing the plugin for mobile devices requires no additional tasks. When a user visits a website supporting the feature, the Comment Box will be automatically displayed on the mobile version of the site. The plugin is designed to automatically recognize when a user is on a mobile device and unlike its previous versions, the plugin ensures to ignore the width parameter so that the comments are displayed at 100 percent.

Facebook Comment Box for Mobile Devices

However, Developers or Webmasters can disable the automatic width feature by setting the mobile parameters to false and can manually control the width settings. A complete documentation of this can be viewed from here.

Facebook unveiled the completely revamped Comment Box for websites earlier in March 2011. This intended to reduce spam comments on websites, since commenting using the box would require the user to login to his Facebook account first. Comments posted by a user will also appear on the commenter’s profile, unless the user manually chooses not to “post” comments by changing the user Privacy Settings.

Back in November 2011, we found out that comments added using the Facebook’s commenting systems were indexed by the search engine giant, Google. Queries like “commenter name and commenter title” will display all the comments the commenter may have written on different websites using Facebook or equivalent services.

Having the Facebook Comment Box plugin work on mobile devices might improve interactions and reduce spam, and of course, it does make life easier for website owners and its regular readers that use the plugin.

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