Everybody Hates the New Facebook News Feed and Live Ticker

People are annoyed with Facebook, and are trying to run away from social networking. All thanks to the Facebook’s news feed revamp, which has left users not just annoyed, but also confused and clueless. When I logged in to Facebook today, I saw a boatload of friends posting and commenting, Hate the new design”, “dislike news feed”, “complicated”, “Facebook gets shitter” and more such messages.

Hate the New Facebook News Feed

Facebook rolled out some major changes  to the news feed, which breaks it down into two columns – top stories and recent posts, and also included a new ticker-like column with live updates from friends on the right-had side of the page. These changes come only one week after  Facebook announced improved friend list capabilities.

Certainly these changes could have served as improvementsto the social network only if Facebook had made it simple and easy to understand. The changes have drawn a lot of complaints as users on Facebook are creating pages and communities to express their annoyance, with most of the complaints pertaining to “confusion” and messy.

Hate New Facebook News Feed

Facebook has implemented the new Ticker, which basically emulates Twitter’s real-time messages and updates. Earlier in August, Facebook was testing this feature, and rolled it out to an increasing number of users. However, the feedback that Facebook got was negative, but looks like it hasn’t taken it seriously, and has gone ahead to make it available to all users. Nevertheless, you can hide the ticker or the sidebar by simply clicking the arrow button on the bottom-right corner of the page.

Hate the Facebook Ticker

The other feature that came along was the Lists, inspired from Google+ Circles, which lets you organize your friends into groups like Family, Colleagues, Close Friends, and so on. It is also planning to roll out the Subscribebutton, similar to Twitter, which will allow you to –

  • Choose what you see from people in News Feed
  • Hear from people, even if you’re not friends
  • Let people hear from you, even if you’re not friends

From the above new features, it looks like Facebook  is trying to integrate features from other networking sites. This however isn’t really a good step taken by Facebook, but rather an unwantedone. Users are already annoyed with the new features, and finding ways to disable it or get back to old Facebook news feed.

A trick that allowed users to get back the old news feed was by changing the preferred language to English (UK). However, a fix is being rolled out by Facebook and this trick is not working anymore. Although Facebook users are annoyed about the new features, it still continues to grow, with over 750 million users and counting. Recently, Facebook crossed the 1 trillion page views mark, making it the first ever website to cross the milestone.

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  • I didn’t even choose it, I clicked to go to my wall and it changed over. I do not like NOT having the choice! MZ you have become a dictator!

  • What’s the point of the ticker when I can view what’s been said on my news feed anyway, I don’t care to read other peoples comments to their friends, and I hate timeline, I hate change!

  • man I clicked on timeline on accident. I really hate it so does a million people too. people who don’t have timeline are so lucky. but if you won’t let us change it back then might as well change all users automatically to timeline, however, people will be not satisfied – sure you make lots of money, but the timeline, are people satisfied with it? the answer is no. facebook is all about to where people get connected and to stay in contact and to be satisfied to the program itself such as original format profile. please change it back, if you do, I promise you everyone will feel relief and honor.

  • lynette

    i do not like this new timeline and would like to go back to the old, it confuses me, please please go back to the old, or at least give people the option of wanting to have it.

  • hate time line.

  • I think facebook will lose its status after timeline, people will switch from using facebook to use alternatives, which has lovely security settings.

  • get RID of timeline! More people hate it then like it! my grandparents and parents have all had fb for long time since it was still in the old format. My grandparents stopped using fb all together because it was too complicated no matter how many times we tried to explain it to them.. My parents are very good thechnology wise and they hate it as well as so many people.. There is always stupid ads popping up and blocking everything you’re trying to see or read and the system in general is horribly confusing and people want the old fb they were used too.

  • I don’t know how or why the hell Facebook came up with this idea. They need to change it back! Timeline sucks! I want my old goddamn profile layout back!

  • dear timeline, you fucking suck & annoy me.

  • I want the normal FB…change it back!

  • this timeline shit sucks donkey balls. I’m switching to twitter or googles program. You changed a winning thing and made it worse. Good riddance to bad rubbish Facebook!


  • why they have not any option to back style form time line version.

  • I’m not clicking this timeline but its automatically change…eff.

  • Time line SUCKS. Ever since it updated itself, things are not posting correctly. Facebook needs to fire some developers!


  • I hate time line! Whatever prompted me to change it…..Regrets! & believe me, I hate regrets!

  • Jim Szondy

    Why dose facebook think oh they’ll get used to it. We are not Ginny pigs. Time Line sucks. Let me choose how I want to share my profile. Its called freedom of choice.

  • Emma

    I do not like timeline

  • Hailey Parent

    I’m probably never going to go on Facebook with that stupid timeline on it. I don’t go on too much now, but now I’ll only go on to see if my family/friends are doing well or to chat. Barely even that. I can’t believe they think it is something everyone will eventually like. Did everyone in the world eventually fall in love with Hitler’s ways? Heck no we didn’t! I wasn’t alive then, but Facebook should give us the freedom to choose whether or not we want the timeline. SO many people hate it, so why do they think it will grow on everyone? We are all different, but apparently we all liked the old settings/format WAY better. Jerkfaces form facebook, you are hated by millions of people now. Thanks a lot, you butts.

  • Julie McLeod

    someone please come up with a way to have the old news feed like timeline remove please.