Everybody Hates the New Facebook News Feed and Live Ticker

People are annoyed with Facebook, and are trying to run away from social networking. All thanks to the Facebook’s news feed revamp, which has left users not just annoyed, but also confused and clueless. When I logged in to Facebook today, I saw a boatload of friends posting and commenting, Hate the new design”, “dislike news feed”, “complicated”, “Facebook gets shitter” and more such messages.

Hate the New Facebook News Feed

Facebook rolled out some major changes  to the news feed, which breaks it down into two columns – top stories and recent posts, and also included a new ticker-like column with live updates from friends on the right-had side of the page. These changes come only one week after  Facebook announced improved friend list capabilities.

Certainly these changes could have served as improvementsto the social network only if Facebook had made it simple and easy to understand. The changes have drawn a lot of complaints as users on Facebook are creating pages and communities to express their annoyance, with most of the complaints pertaining to “confusion” and messy.

Hate New Facebook News Feed

Facebook has implemented the new Ticker, which basically emulates Twitter’s real-time messages and updates. Earlier in August, Facebook was testing this feature, and rolled it out to an increasing number of users. However, the feedback that Facebook got was negative, but looks like it hasn’t taken it seriously, and has gone ahead to make it available to all users. Nevertheless, you can hide the ticker or the sidebar by simply clicking the arrow button on the bottom-right corner of the page.

Hate the Facebook Ticker

The other feature that came along was the Lists, inspired from Google+ Circles, which lets you organize your friends into groups like Family, Colleagues, Close Friends, and so on. It is also planning to roll out the Subscribebutton, similar to Twitter, which will allow you to –

  • Choose what you see from people in News Feed
  • Hear from people, even if you’re not friends
  • Let people hear from you, even if you’re not friends

From the above new features, it looks like Facebook  is trying to integrate features from other networking sites. This however isn’t really a good step taken by Facebook, but rather an unwantedone. Users are already annoyed with the new features, and finding ways to disable it or get back to old Facebook news feed.

A trick that allowed users to get back the old news feed was by changing the preferred language to English (UK). However, a fix is being rolled out by Facebook and this trick is not working anymore. Although Facebook users are annoyed about the new features, it still continues to grow, with over 750 million users and counting. Recently, Facebook crossed the 1 trillion page views mark, making it the first ever website to cross the milestone.

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  • bob jorda

    You can disable it by changing your language to ‘English – Upside down’ ;)

  • Shawn

    I deleted my page. Everyone who hates it should start doing the same or at least disactivate it. As their 800m base starts to decline they will be forced to do something about it.

    • MJ

      facebook could care less about people…they won’t care if you delete your page, but others will suffer. Is giving facebook that much power what you intended to do?

  • Yeah, the new ticker so intense! My friends and I were joking about its redundancy the other night so I made a parody animation about it to illustrate it’s many features.


  • lucylong

    i hate this new fb dont like the fact that you have no choice annoying

  • ok man la!

  • The timeline is sick! It will be the down fall of Facebook.

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  • the time line suckss! change it back!

  • I hate time line! Whatever prompted me to change it…..Regrets! & believe me, I hate regrets!

  • LADY mcgards

    im deactivating my Facebook ; the new timeline SUCKS .

  • fuck time line!

  • pls. back the facebook normal no change….
    time line is a public how about others that they hate it…….

  • I hated timeline so much,,, my activity all people can see but old fb can hide activity.

  • So annoying not to have a choice!

  • I’ve had the timeline now for at least 2 months and I hate it now! Please get rid of it!

  • is it possible to remove timeline..I hate it.


  • I Want ThE LaRGEr pIc In My pRoFiLe..WhIch IS Nt POssiLe In TiMElInE….

  • if any one found how to remove this stupid time line, plx let us knw.. its irritate me alot..

  • I hate timeline. Leave us the choice of which one we want. Stop being a dictator! Take me serious when I say I will drop facebook all together! Please! Please! Someone else come up with another social network since Mark Zuckerberg likes being a dictator. Spoiled rich kid is being a brat now!

  • I freaking hate it! I was curious and clicked on it, and was never able to switch back! its wayyy too busy looking. I HATE, HATE, HATE it! PLEASE let me revert back to a normal profile! PLEASE!

  • timeline…. 1 big mistake , just wish we could go back to the old layout.

  • Time line is a pain in the —–

  • take your Timeline nd stick it up your ass Facebook.

  • If they don’t change the timeline then I think I will remove my account and go back to bebo.

    • gonna have a job getting back to bebo, its shut! lol

    • @[100000788522313:2048:Billy Divers] No my dear its not justed loged in ;-)