Easily Share YouTube Videos With Your Orkut Friends

Orkut is a social networking site which is not very popular in US, but back home in India it is quite popular and has a huge following. Incidentally my first brush with Social Networking started with Orkut and not the popular MySpace.

Since Orkut is a Google product there are quite a few closely knit integration with several of Google’s products like GTalk, Picasa and more. YouTube too finally added a easy way to share a video with Orkut friends.


To share a video with your friends in Orkut click on the share tab and you should see a new icon for sharing videos on Orkut, clicking on the link will take you to your my favorites video page where unlike earlier the video will already be added and you can share with your friends by clicking on add videobutton.

Quite a useful integration of all those people who share YouTube videos with others on Orkut.

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