Facebook Messenger for Windows Officially Released

Facebook has officially released the Facebook Messenger app for Windows, which was leaked in December by an early tester. I suppose that many users have downloaded the leaked Messenger app and tried out its features. However, for those who have not tried it out, you can now download the officially released public app from the Facebook Messenger page.

With Facebook Messenger for Windows, users can easily access notifications, see real-time updates, and even chat with friends who are online right from their desktop. It more or less acts like a smaller version of your browser window through which you can access your Facebook account.

Facebook Messenger for Windows

Apart from all that, an interesting feature in the Facebook Messenger for Windows is the Dock feature. The dock button is placed at the bottom-right corner of the app, and clicking it will move the entire Messenger to the right-side of your desktop, just like the ticker and the chat that is placed on the right side of your Facebook profile.

The ticker, which is apparently the most annoying feature on Facebook, updates in real-time, but unlike the feature where users can simply click on an update and read or comment right there, isn’t available in the Facebook Messenger app. Instead, clicking an update will open it a new browser window, which is somewhat frustrating.

Facebook Messenger for Windows - Chat

According to Facebook, “Messenger lets you use Facebook without being on www.facebook.com. You will now be able to stay in touch anytime, no matter what you’re doing.”

Although the app updates in real-time, the only disadvantage is that clicking on any update, the user is sent back to the browser window. Facebook should have implemented the actual features of the ticker available on Facebook, and allow users to view or add comments right from the desktop app itself. To what Facebook says above, this is completely contradicting it.

The chat feature works very much similar to how it works on Facebook.com. Users can chat with multiple users at the same time by switching tabs placed at the bottom of the app. The chat feature in the app also supports the available Facebook smileys.

Users don’t have to worry anything about privacy issues, since the app automatically makes use of the privacy settings that you have set with your Facebook Account.

Logging In – To log into Messenger, click on the Facebook icon in your Windows system tray. Once the app opens, enter your email and password.

Facebook Messenger Icon on Windows

Logging Out – To log out from the Facebook Messenger, just right-click on the Facebook icon in your Windows system tray and select “Log out.”

Facebook Messenger for Windows works only on Windows 7. Windows XP and Windows Vista users will need to wait, as the company has stated that there is a possibility of the app arriving on these platforms as well. Mac users on the other hand, will have to wait a little longer until a version for Mac system is released. Facebook Messenger for Mac is on its way, which we hope that it will be released soon. Facebook, however, denied commenting as to when Facebook Messenger for Mac will be available for download.

According to Facebook, the leaked version of the Messenger for Windows was apparently a “test” application, and has publicly released the app with all bugs removed. It is recommended that you download and reinstall the app from the Facebook Messenger page.

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