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Twitter Lists are a great way to organize the people you follow and discover new and interesting accounts. You can divide Tweeples into lists acording to “Genre” and follow lists created by other people to consume tweets in bulk. If you haven’t created a Twitter list yet or aren’t following any list, you are missing the real fun.(read: How to create a Twitter lists)

Now the question is: How do I find the most popular lists on Twitter? I can not afford to browse all the lists one by one. How Do I know which lists are worth a follow and which lists match my interests? How do I find Twitter lists which will serve me “Value” ?.

Enter Listorious – a user powered directory which contains the most popular lists in Twitter.

To get started, login with your Twitter account and grant the application permission to access your account. After that you can find and follow popular lists using the following methods:

1. Listorious 140: Listorious has a list of Top 140 Lists on Twitter which is updated regularly. Click the list and you will be shown 140 popular lists on Twitter, ranked acording to follower count.


To follow a list, all you have to do is click the list name and then click “Follow”.

2. Follow popular lists based on Tags: If following Twitter lists which are popular just because they have more followers doesn’t seem like a good idea, you can consider searching lists by Tags. The Listorious Tag page contains a whole lot of tags to narrow down your search for lists that match your interest.


Clikcing a Tag takes you to the corresponding page containing all lists of that particular tag. You can then click the list name to follow it.


Add a Twitter List in Listorious Directory

If you have found an interesting Twitter list and want the world to know about it, submit it to the Listorious directory. The list may or may not be created by you and once you add the list, other people can start following it. Cool!

Techie Buzz Verdict

Listorious is brilliant and makes it easy to find popular lists on Twitter. The site is easy to use, advertisement free and there aren’t any signups involved. One addition would have been awesome: Email reminders about emerging lists that matches your interest. Adding this feature, would solve the manual search and notify you of popular lists in your email inbox.

Techie Buzz rating: 5/5 (perfect).

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