Finding Ways to Disable the Timeline? Unfortunately Facebook Doesn’t Let You Do That

Earlier this week, Facebook rolled out its new Timeline feature to all 800 million users on its network. Although the new profile layout offers new and interesting features, some users on Facebook are finding it too complicated and cluttered with the advertisements and news ticker on the right hand side. Annoyed users are dreadfully finding ways to disable and get rid of the Timeline feature.

Facebook released a Developer application through which you could enable the Timeline and test it. Users also had an option to downgrade to the old profile by simply deleting the app from the Developer settings page.

Now that the Timeline has been released for all users, Facebook stated that it will go live automatically after seven days, no matter if you like it or not. Timeline is here to stay, at least for the next few months. Unfortunately, there is no way you can disable it.

Facebook Timeline

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A spokesperson for Facebook explains –

Once you click Get Timeline,you will have seven days to review everything that appears on your timeline before anyone else can see it.

If you choose, you can publish your timeline right away. If you decide to wait, your timeline will go live automatically after seven days. Your timeline will replace your profile.

Eventually everyone on Facebook will be rolled over to timeline.

You have no choice, but are forced to get used to the new profile layout. When Facebook released its new Facebook News Feed and Live Ticker, everyone hated it. Users had no choice, but to accept it. Few users also announced that they would delete their Facebook account and switch over to Google Plus. However, that never happened. I see the same set of users now likingthe Timeline. Such straightforward statements don’t bother Facebook, since they know that people will eventually get used to it.

If you’re finding the new layout too cluttered, then you can try disabling the ticker and chat. We had posted an article earlier on how you can disable the news ticker on the right.

We have posted an in-depth guide about Timeline. I recommended you to go through it and know all of its features. Who knows, you may start loving it.

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1,334 thoughts on “Finding Ways to Disable the Timeline? Unfortunately Facebook Doesn’t Let You Do That”

  1. Yes!..I am totally agree with this..I am not very comfortable with this new features..This(timeline) is really annoying and I don’t like it. It such a bad luck and sometimes it make my Facebook look nonsense. Please give a solution for this kind of this problem. I really want to get back my old look of Facebook.

  2. How come I can’t get mine to work? it hasn’t showed up as an option, it says the 8 step old option isn’t available and when i click on the current about timeline page, it says go to bottom and click on the green get timeline now, there is NOTHING there to click…
    So, what am i suppose to do??? Please help

  3. I don’t have Timeline and I won’t get it but I still hate it because if I go to the profile of a person who has Timeline then it slows my browser down to a CRAWL and, worse, I can’t see any of the information I want to see when I look at someone’s profile. Instead, all I do see is other peoples BORING photo’s. If I WANTED to see other people’s photos then I would have joined Photobucket or Tumbler instead of Facebook. If Facebook try to force me to use Timeline to display my pictures to the world then I will simply delete the few photos that I have.

  4. Some people have made the point that Facebook is not a democracy so they can force Timeline on us if they want to.
    F**K THAT!!!
    Facebook has more users than most countries have citizens: it SHOULD be a democracy.
    Die, Zuckerberg, die!

  5. I got facebook timeline to check it out, later to find out I cant get rid of it! I want my old simple facebook profile back. what the heck?

    1. Already deleted my old account. Started a fresh one with bad info. Undecided as to whether or not I will keep this or not. I hate timeline, and Facebook needs serious competition. NOW.

    2. Trevor Farrell I’ve been on G+ for a while, and I LOVE It.. It’s frustrating that more people aren’t there. A lot of us are sick of facebook, and people seem to be afraid of change.

    3. Adam Nunez we did have myspace, its like facebook was before they thought it would be a good idea to change everything. they’re worse than blizzard entertainment, i think zuckerburg got a sex change as often as things change on here. it’s almost degrading to be forced to use something we don’t actually appreciate.

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