Finding Ways to Disable the Timeline? Unfortunately Facebook Doesn’t Let You Do That

Earlier this week, Facebook rolled out its new Timeline feature to all 800 million users on its network. Although the new profile layout offers new and interesting features, some users on Facebook are finding it too complicated and cluttered with the advertisements and news ticker on the right hand side. Annoyed users are dreadfully finding ways to disable and get rid of the Timeline feature.

Facebook released a Developer application through which you could enable the Timeline and test it. Users also had an option to downgrade to the old profile by simply deleting the app from the Developer settings page.

Now that the Timeline has been released for all users, Facebook stated that it will go live automatically after seven days, no matter if you like it or not. Timeline is here to stay, at least for the next few months. Unfortunately, there is no way you can disable it.

Facebook Timeline

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A spokesperson for Facebook explains –

Once you click Get Timeline,you will have seven days to review everything that appears on your timeline before anyone else can see it.

If you choose, you can publish your timeline right away. If you decide to wait, your timeline will go live automatically after seven days. Your timeline will replace your profile.

Eventually everyone on Facebook will be rolled over to timeline.

You have no choice, but are forced to get used to the new profile layout. When Facebook released its new Facebook News Feed and Live Ticker, everyone hated it. Users had no choice, but to accept it. Few users also announced that they would delete their Facebook account and switch over to Google Plus. However, that never happened. I see the same set of users now likingthe Timeline. Such straightforward statements don’t bother Facebook, since they know that people will eventually get used to it.

If you’re finding the new layout too cluttered, then you can try disabling the ticker and chat. We had posted an article earlier on how you can disable the news ticker on the right.

We have posted an in-depth guide about Timeline. I recommended you to go through it and know all of its features. Who knows, you may start loving it.

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1,334 thoughts on “Finding Ways to Disable the Timeline? Unfortunately Facebook Doesn’t Let You Do That”

  1. I hate the new layout, we need to go back to 2003’s layout, and keep things simple, you’ve basically entered the trashy “myspace” world and its becoming a huge nuisance for users to adapt to this change.

        1. I do not like Timeline, but then again you have to think:

          1. Facebook is free
          2. Since its free, developers have every right to do what they want.
          3. Its the user’s choice to use it or not

          Whats not democratic about that? If people hate it so much, then there are other social networks out there.

          1. Yeah! I do Agree with you. There are lots of social networking sites there, only the facebook is most popular.


          3. It’s not the same in my opinion. While it may be free to use, and it’s their choice to change the layout, there is much you are overlooking. Have you stopped to consider the fact that they just essentially gave information phisher’s a DICTIONARY to your life?

            Since timeline has gone active, I’ve had my personal information access’d and signed up for multiple programs, all of which I have not activated on my own. I’ve had to cancel a credit card and fight with 3 websites because someone managed to sign up with a fraudulent credit card and I’m the one getting the blame.

            I’m more inclined to believe that facebook is taking TOO MUCH liberal right in releasing our personal information, and this is just one of the newest asinine ways of doing it.

          4. Not exactly free. They make their money from ads. They make a good amount of money because of the amount of people advertisers can reach on FB. If people will start canceling their accounts, the value of FB will also drop. T

          5. I agree with what you’re staying, but there is a flip side to that coin. Without the people, there is no Facebook…Facebook may be free, but the powers to be are paid great amounts, because of the “people” attraction to Facebook. Lose that attraction and it’s unemployment line time. Just as Facebook took over from Myspace, I’m afraid with moves such as this, something will be lurking to take over from Facebook. See, the problem isn’t the timeline itself. The problem is in these days and times, you can not use words such as “like it, or not.” Those words seem forceful. Facebook has open itself to a demographic that expresses itself “freely.” Now you’re telling them they have no choice? Out of ego alone I see many may leave.

          6. [email protected] says:

            yea..agree…there are lots of social networking trying to think leaving facebook…i dont find timeline nice at all…i hate the format

          7. Yes and if everyone stopped using it what would the little Natzies do? Yes I feel they are just like natzies! We should have a choice! Free? Please we make them a fortune!!

        2. FB developer should have gave the chance to disable/enable it. Specially DISABLE, people change mind more often than not. Grrrr FB, this time i have you for doing such thins grrr…

          1. I so agree with you.. Now I really want to switch it back to the old style. Gosh, I wanna switch it back to old one so bad. :/

  2. You know what happen when Myspace forced everyone to change? everyone left. Facebook will be joining Myspace soon enough.. Google+ for all, lol

  3. If you find it too cluttered maybe you should do what everyone else on the internet does: use AdBlock. God knows most sites are insufferable without it.

  4. I also hate it, and all my friends. It’s trashy, cluttered of unrelated information, complicated to navigate, and its design is ugly, inconsistent. How do I explain to my aunt how to use my profile?

  5. Is there anyway I can retrieve my old posts?

    Timeline has streamlined everything and I can’t find any posts about my son. Please advise, thank you.

  6. I hate the Timeline. What was Facebook thinking? The old profile was working just fine. Now I am stuck with the new Timeline. I have noticed that many of my friends are using facebook much less than before they switched to the Timeline. THIS SUCKS.

  7. Dear Developer,

    Please help me to get back the old facebook page, i do not like the timeline function at all, it look kinda messes on my fb now.

  8. im trying to delete this timeline apps,i followed the steps above but when i went to facebook developers ang click the apps it say that NO APPS FOUND?waaaa i want to get back my old profile one of my friend said that timeline is good but for me its a suck its a mess now my problem is how to disable this apps if there is no apps found according to th facebook developers grrr this is bad

  9. most of all users of facebook timeline are wanting to remove their timeline application because most of the users usually thought it could help their accounts more useful. We do not know how to deactive facebook timeline. I think it is better to get back the old layout…

      1. i think their is no solution of removing the timeline so if you are really bored then creating a new account is the best solution for you.

  10. it’s really way too complicated…but i can cope up…still i got a small problem…i activated this timeline in december 2011…n now i can’t view the posts after december 31, 2011 on my timeline. Can anyone help, please?

  11. timeline has ruined facebook my chat doesnt work videos or music won’t play, its just a wannabe futuristic piece of crap am deleting my account!!

    1. This is another matter. I think Sex offender, rapist and killers should not be allowed on FACEBOOK!!!! My roommate met a dude on FB less then 2 weeks not knowing who this person really is and invited this stranger into the home. Come to find out he is a rapist and a sex offender and she has kids in the home. I moved out quick!!!


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