Rethink Digg v1 Preview; New Design Looks Promising

Earlier this month, it was reported that the once-popular community powered news website was acquired by Betaworks, the team behind the popular link shortening service bitly and

The small company with a highly innovative team took up a challenge to redesign Digg complete from scratch, with the announcement of “rethink Digg” program, and promised to release the first version, or (re)launch the service on August 1.

Rethink Digg brings the previous Digg team and the Betaworks team to work together and revamp the entire website, including the way it aggregates news. The mission is to save the once-popular service from being buried in a virtual bone yard.

Just two weeks after the acquisition, the team had asked users all over the Internet to provide feedback and advice by asking them to fill out a quick survey. Surprisingly, 92 percent of those who took the survey said that they would not recommended the current Digg to their friends.

Today, the team has published and shared the first mock-ups and screenshots of the new Digg v1, and has also provided a brief explanation on what the user experience on the site will look like:

Digg v1 Mock-up

The current Digg design is more text oriented, however, by looking at the above screenshot, the new Digg design is heavily focused on images. According to Betaworks, the new design will provide a “beautiful, image-friendly, and ad-free experience.” It is also said that the “Diggbar” will be removed from the new design.

It is interesting to see how the Digg score is being made use of, with the integration of Facebook and Twitter. Currently, the Digg count moves a story closer to the top depending on the number of votes it has generated. However, with the new design, Digg counts will not be taken into consideration, but the number of Facebook shares and Tweets will help identify what the Internet is talking about.

Digg v1 Mock-up - Facebook, Twitter Integration

The v1 will not include the commenting system, however, the team will be conducting a few experiments in commenting that will inform more permanent features, and will enable commenting in future.

Overall, the new Digg v1 preview, mock-ups and screenshots look promising, and honestly speaking, I really like it. I’m quite excited and eagerly waiting for the release of the new design. You can check all the released mock-up designs here.

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