Destroy Twitter 2.0 Released – Quick Review

Destroy Twitter, the popular Twitter client, has been updated to v2.0. Unlike some of the Twitter clients, Destroy Twitter doesn’t try to include the entire kitchen sink. Instead it limits itself to Twitter and its central features. DT’s focused and refined user experience is largely responsible for all the accolades and fan following it has managed to garner.

The major new features introduced in DT 2.0 are:

Complete Window Resizing: You can now resize your window as you please. Go full screen if you want an immersive Twitter experience or stay in the windowed mode and expose only what you require.

Retooled Preferences: Now you don’t need to open Preferences for every little thing. You can change stuff like URL shortening services or canvas refresh rates on the fly, from the main interface itself. But, even with these modifications, it’s highly recommend that you visit the Preferences tab at least once, since it contains many new options.

Filters: Rules have been one of the strong points of DT. In version 2.0 they have been rechristened as Filters and are more powerful than ever before. They have their own drawer and are accessible directly from the main interface. Tweets can be filtered on the basis of keywords, users and sources. For example, if you hate being flooded with pointless FourSquare check-ins, you can easily hide them with DT.

More: Destroy Twitter contains lots of other nifty little undocumented features including multi-touch navigation.


Techie Buzz Verdict

The Destroy Twitter user interface is polished and a joy to use. If aesthetics are important to you then DT is for you. While it might not be feature packed enough to please some of the pro users, it feels a lot lighter than TweetDeck and is competent enough to satisfy a large section of Twitter users.

This version doesn’t have some popular features like multiple account support, Twitter Lists and themes. While themes aren’t very important to me, Twitter lists are. The absence of it makes Destroy Twitter 2.0 a no go for me. If you are like me, you may want to continue using Destroy Twitter 1.7 for now. The aforementioned features are slated to make a comeback in Destroy Twitter 2.1. If the lack of these features doesn’t bother you, then go ahead and give the new release a whirl.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)

[ Download Destroy Twitter ]
(Requires Adobe AIR 2.0)

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