Twitter Dating Apps That Would Help You Arrange Dating Online

Twitter is one of the hottest trends now. Most of us use twitter for various purposes like telling people what you are doing, for short conversations, for promoting business etc. But, did you know that twitter can also be used for dating purposes?? Here are some twitter dating apps that helps you to find your date.


This is a site or more likely an app that analyzes the tweets of a user and based on those tweets finds similar people on web so that you could contact them and set up a date with them.


This is yet another twitter app that helps you to find singles on twitter. It has a fine directory of singles on twitter. You can signup for this by sending a specific tweet that they say. You also have advanced feature in this app. You can check out whether a user is single or not by entering his user name.


This app enables you to declare crush on person whom you like. You can also check out who has crush on you. Also you can check out the crushes of other users.


This is an app that is similar to any other matrimonial sites. You have to login using your twitter account and enter your details such as sex, age and your interests and also the type of match you want . The ideal matches will be mailed to your account. It’s up to you to contact them and set up a date.

Did you find these twitter apps helpful in finding your date or do you know any other similar app that had helped you? If so please share your experience with us by leaving comments.

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