Dad Caught Her In Front Of Web Cam MUST-SEE – Facebook Scam

Few days earlier, one of the most inane and violent scam – Brother Rapes and Kills His Sister Shocking Video broke out on Facebook. Today a new scam was reported to be spreading rapidly on Facebook. The Facebook scam titled – Dad Caught Her In Front Of Web Cam MUST-SEE claims to show a video of a girl caught by her dad while stripping in front of a webcam.

Dad Caught Her In Front Of Web Cam MUST-SEE

There are different versions of this scam with different titles and descriptions, but all come with the same thumbnail. The other versions title and description reads –

Father caught his daughter stripping LOL

Gırl cαught by dad SO FUNNY
T℮℮n is in BIG тrouble froʍ her Dad lol MUST-SEE
Don’Ñ‚ onÉ©y jewisÒ» boуs hαve Bar Mitzvаhs?

Busted!! Dad Catches Daughter on Webcam!
Do not watch unless 18+
Content is graphic. Watch at your own risk!

Father catching his daughter stripped on webcam [Video]
xD probabÉ©y not fαke, I reá´„kon he camе in at ϳust the гight á´›ime аfter thinĸing ‘Ñ‚his musiс is too lᴏud’

Dad Caught Her In Front Of Web Cam MUST-SEE

Dad cauƍht her in front of web cam .AVI there’s a lonƍer νersion on anotheг Ñ•ite. watch it to be convincеd it’s not Å¿ake.

The scam may ask you to download an AVI video file. This is a virus and not a video file. DO NOT attempt to download the file.

Dad Caught Her In Front Of Web Cam MUST-SEE

When you click the link provided in the scam message, it will hijack your Facebook account by automatically posting the scam message on your Facebook wall and “liking” it. If you come across this scam message, please delete/remove the scam from your Facebook news feed immediately. Alternately, you can report the scam to Facebook Security.

Here’s an article  about  Avoiding Facebook Likejacking and Clickjacking scams.  We have also complied a list of  Actively Spreading Scams on Facebook for you to look through and avoid.

P.S. Thanks  Sathya for reporting this.

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  • Such an old video, and clearly fake. Its on YouTube as a legitimate video too if you search for “webcam” and see the top viewed or most relevant.

    The Facebook scams are common, and even though articles like this are out there, there are many more scams all over facebook about thousands of different things. The same problems will soon hit Google Plus too as soon as that becomes more popular.

  • Sarath

    Hey I have downloaded that file! I changed my fb password. What to do? Fb is not running well