Create Tasks From Your Twitter Tweets Using TwTask

is addicting, but along with that it is also a nice service for getting things done, along with that it also has tons of twitter applications and services, which help you use twitter better, in this post we will be featuring another interesting application that allows users to create task by sending out updates to twitter.


TwTask is a new service which allows users to create tasks by sending updates, the process is simple and you do not need to share your twitter username and password.

Once you have created a task you can easily access it online using the TwTask website. To create a new task you will have to first register with TwTask and add the twitter user twtask to your friend list.

Once you have added twtask to your list, just send a reply or direct message to twtask and a new task will get created for you.


Definitely a service worth a try if you are a twitter user. Give TwTask a try and let us know your opinions about it.


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