How to Create a Blog Widget For Twitter Lists

Twitter introduced the lists feature some days back. We have seen how to create Twitter lists and how to create an Rss feed from your Twitter list pages. But if you want to show tweets from a public Twitter list in your Blog, this widget will come in handy.

How to create the widget for any public Twitter list

1. Go to Twitter Widgets list and start customizing your list. Give your widget a title and a caption.

2. To search for a public Twitter list, just enter the username of the person who created the list. For example, if you are interested in the Techie-Buzz author list, type keithdsouza(without quotes) in the username field. After that click the button that says Find lists.


3. Go to the preferences tab to customize the widget settings. You can choose to load all tweets as they come or you can, specify a timed interval. Other settings include adding avatars, timestamps and hashtags in the widget.


4. Next, you would want to customize the widget according to the look and feel of your blog. Switch to the appearance tab, and you can start customizing the widget. You can choose the color of the widget, tweets and links according to your style.


The dimensions tab lets you choose a custom size of the widget, and the widget can be completely customized in appearance. After that hit the Grab codebutton and you can integrate the widget in your blog, website or social networking profiles.

This is how the Techie-Buzz Twitter author list looks:

You can follow the techie-buzz author list here. Don’t forget to check out the ultimate collection of twitter websites and applications.

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