Conversationlist Builds Personalized Twitter Lists for You

Conversationlist-Create-Twitter-ListsTwitter Lists has received widespread acclaim since its launch. Millions of lists have already been created and the number will only continue to increase. Lists are one of the best ways to make sense of all the noise. However, if you happen to follow hundreds and thousands of users, then grouping them into meaningful lists can become a herculean task. Conversationlist is a free service which is trying to make things easier for tweeps like you.

Conversationlist dubs itself as a conversational approach to Twitter lists. The concept behind this service is really simple the people you engage in conversations with are most likely to be the people you are interested in. Once you authorize conversationlist, it will create a new list (called conversationlist) and automatically add any username you mention in your tweets. The lists are rebuilt daily and contain a maximum of 25 tweeps at any point of time. The ones you stop having conversation with are automatically removed.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Conversationlist is a good idea. However, in its current state, it may be too simplistic to be really useful. There is no way to increase the 25 user per list limit. You can’t disable auto-deletion of usernames from the list or adjust the duration of inactivity after which a username will be deleted.

Whether you find conversationlist useful or not will actually depend on your Twitter usage pattern. People who enjoy engaging in conversation with like-minded, interesting tweeps should find this useful. For others, it may be of little use. If you fall in the later camp, you can also check out’s list builder, which automatically builds lists based on your favorite tweets. Do let us know what you think about conversationlist. Did you find it useful?

Techie Buzz Rating: 2.5/5 (Average)

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