Change Your Facebook Profile Layout With PageRage

The recent Facebook design update has generated a lot of negative feedback from users who do not like the new layouts. If you are one of the people who did not like the new Layout, PageRage provides the much needed option to change the look and feel of your profile page with tons of new layouts.

pagerage-hawaiian-shirt-profile page-rage-bubble-burst-facebook-profile-layout

To customize your layouts you will need to add the PageRage application to your profile and select from the wide range of layouts for your profile. There is slight catch though, you will need to install and use Yontoo a layer technology that allows you to change the look and feel of any webpage before you can see the new layout. The profile will not be visible to you unless you install the additional add-on.

Yontoo only supports Firefox and Internet Explorer for now, so if you are using a browser like or the layouts will not be visible to you. Go ahead and apply some new layouts to your Facebook profile, so share the profiles you choose with us. If you are a Facebook user don’t forget to join the Techie Buzz group there.

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36 thoughts on “Change Your Facebook Profile Layout With PageRage”

  1. any one know how to have facebook skin, and its permanent and everyone, your friends even strangers can see it? and that when you go any where in the world, log on, and the skin is still there? like a backdrop?

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