Change Your Facebook Profile Layout With PageRage

The recent Facebook design update has generated a lot of negative feedback from users who do not like the new layouts. If you are one of the people who did not like the new Layout, PageRage provides the much needed option to change the look and feel of your profile page with tons of new layouts.

pagerage-hawaiian-shirt-profile page-rage-bubble-burst-facebook-profile-layout

To customize your layouts you will need to add the PageRage application to your profile and select from the wide range of layouts for your profile. There is slight catch though, you will need to install and use Yontoo a layer technology that allows you to change the look and feel of any webpage before you can see the new layout. The profile will not be visible to you unless you install the additional add-on.

Yontoo only supports Firefox and Internet Explorer for now, so if you are using a browser like or the layouts will not be visible to you. Go ahead and apply some new layouts to your Facebook profile, so share the profiles you choose with us. If you are a Facebook user don’t forget to join the Techie Buzz group there.

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Keith Dsouza

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  • Wow, now that’s awesome. Definately adds some personality to my profile page.

    • chiqazz

      why when i open your page rage to apply in my facebook account to change my profile,,,it so hard to change it”can you help me?
      i want beautiful facebook layout,,thank you:)

      • Megan S

        I have PageRage and installed the Yontoo plug in easily. You can change your profile by going to and clicking on the layout you want. Then go back to your Facebook account and refresh the page, your layout should show up. If you have any other questions contact PageRage’s support team. They answered all my questions.

  • This is nice. Nice way to pimp up my Facebook profile page

  • Wow that is really cool, great way to customize your profile page even more

  • Ahhhhhh, my eyes. Facebook is NOT myspace!

  • nice layout. Thank’s a lot for info sharing ^_^

  • scooter

    So am I correct in assuming that only you get to see the chnges? If so, that hardly seems worth it….

  • peace

    helo..why when i open pagerage application the page was not found??….need your help to solve this problem…thank you…

  • Kassim ogu monday

    I want to change my profile on facebook

  • Pagerage has so many options for layouts. The ones pictured above are a little busy but they do have some other options that are a little more tame. Pagerage is becoming very popular and soon more users will have the software installed. It's just a matter of time when everyone's page layouts can be seen. Good things take time! Check it out:

  • janine james janeth

    how to change my facebook profile layout..>?
    like your's…!!!!
    plz,,help me im beggeng to crash….

  • alex
  • hi there …why when i open pagerage application the page was not found??….need your help to solve this problem…thank you…add me also in FACEBOOK…."[email protected]" ..hehehe..

  • hi there…why when i open pagerage application the page was not found??….need your help to solve this problem…thank you…and add me also in FACEBOOK …
    "[email protected]"..hehehe…

  • this really is stupid. the changed fb profile layout is viewable only on the client side. other users wont see it. plus yontoo earns money because of their ads. in other words that layered technology blahblah is more of an adware

    • Keith G.

      Hey dude, I totally agree, i’ve just spent a few hours designing FB skins only to then wake up to the fact that not everyone can see them, as you say, it’s pretty much one-sided, what a waste of time. K

      • anish

        yah me to , i want to change my fb skin to show all my friends still i didnt get like dat :-(

  • fitzroy swaggs

    how do i make other people see it

    • google doesnt allow it. yontoo is just a scam. why would they ask you to install something when you could just do it via web. plus you need to add the application to your profile and invite others before you can use it and in the end you'll be ask to install it. they earn money through the ads. in other words, it's more of an adware

  • Eddie

    PageRage is not a scam and it does not contain any viruses/malware/spyware etc. PageRage is simply a browser plugin for facebook layouts and does contain some additional ads but they are just like Facebook’s ads. They don’t bother me at all. Which would you rather have, small/un-obtrusive ads or have to pay monthly for the service? I happen to like this plugin and I am sure other’s do too.

  • I was using PageRage for a while but got really annoyed with all the ads they put on your Facebook page. I just found a new site for Facebook layouts called It’s like pagerage but there’s more layouts to choose from and it works in all browsers (including Chrome and Safari) so all my friends can see my layout.

  • I find FB Skins to be crap! Out of all the facebook layouts apps I’ve tried, PageRage is the best. They have an always expanding library of layouts and you can create your own layouts. PageRage works for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers.

  • i like it ….!

  • Bill

    Definitely using so much better then pagerage. They have so many more layouts and they do requests! I requested 5 different layouts and they were all up in a week. Also pagerage has this annoying toolbar and when I was using them they NEVER responded to any emails about how to remove it!! So I switched to and I’m glad I did.

    • @Bill – PageRage does take layout requests AND you can create as many layouts as you like. Their toolbar isn’t annoying at all, I find it quite helpful when needing to go back to their website to change my layout on the fly. Their support team is also very responsive as well as helpful and their Facebook fan page is always updated with news updates on new things being released. I love PageRage personally and wouldn’t use anything else.

  • Pulane Mokoke

    I registered facebook on my phone, apparently I used the wrong name mistakingly, I need to change it to the real name, it said it will be corrected in 24hrs but it still appears as the old-unwanted name

  • Zach

    I tried to uninstall Page Rage but couldn’t. I consider that spam.
    How do I get rid of it for good? I’m sick of its ads slugging down my computer…

  • aleki

    ale ki alone should be used/displayed as face book address. [email protected] as my email address.

  • fantastic Facebook profile layout! Absolutely too many beautiful designs to choose from.

  • ravi mhaskr

    the name is displayed raviraj joshi instead of raviraj mhaske,want to correct in my log in