Your Last Chance to Change Your Facebook Page Vanity URL

Facebook made it easier for page owners by allowing them to provide a username or vanity URL for their Facebook pages. When it was launched three years back, Facebook stated that once the page owner has set a username, it could not be changed. Facebook warned page owners and asked them to think wisely before they chose a username for their page.

However, a lot of people made mistakes while choosing an appropriate name, for which they have been regretting ever since. The only way was to delete the existing page and create a new page. However, deleting a page will not only delete the posts and updates, but also the “likes” your page has generated.

Since this was the most difficult part, many page owners requested Facebook to allow them to change the vanity URL of their Facebook fan page. Facebook has been listening to its users and has finally decided to give page owners/administrators one last chance to set things right.

Facebook, on Tuesday, made an announcement stating that Page owners can now change the vanity URLs of their page to anything they want. However, this change is allowed only once and cannot be changed again no matter what.

Change Facebook Page Vanity URL

So, if you had mistakenly chosen a wrong username for your Facebook page, here’s your chance to rectify your error, but be wise enough while making this change. To change Facebook page vanity URL, follow the steps below:

Step #1: Click on the “Edit Page” link button from the top of your Page

Step #2: From the drop-down menu, select the “Update Info” option

Step #3: Make sure you are on the “Basic Information” page. Click on “Change username” in the Username section

Step #4: Enter a new username and check for its availability. If the username you want is available, click “Confirm” to save it.

Note: Please keep in mind that you cannot change the username again after hitting the “Confirm” button.

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