CelebritiesThatTwitter: Read Celebrity Tweets The Easy Way

Nowadays everybody seems to be on Twitter which makes it hard to keep track of all the good tweets. CelebritiesThatTwitter is a dead simple mashup tool to read tweets from various celebrities.

No registration or sign-up to do, simply go to CelebritiesThatTwitter.com and start reading tweets from people like Shaquille O’Neal, Paula Abdul, Perez Hilton, Jimmy Fallon and more. The tweets are constantly updated. If you like a tweet, you can retweet it or share on Facebook with a single click. Clicking on any username takes you to the actual status update on the Twitter website and hovering your mouse over the username shows you a snapshot of the user profile.

If you are interested in actually following some great celebrities check out the mashable lists for 20 Great NFL Players That Twitter, Comedic film actors on Twitter or 100+ Musicians on Twitter.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Overall, CelebritiesThatTwitter is a really simple tool to read celebrity tweets without going to their individual profiles or following them.

Rating: 3/5

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Tehseen Baweja

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