Bad News For AdSense Users Scam Spreading on Facebook

In my research in unearthing Facebook scams, I have come across scams that entice users to watch a video, check who viewed their profile, give free Facebook credits for games, see how many times their profiles have been viewed and more. However, for the first time I have come across a scam that is targeted at users and webmasters in general.

Facebook AdSense Scam

The new scam spreads with a message "Hello Bad News for AdSense Users – Check this out >>> [link redacted]" and is actively spreading on considering the number of updates I have seen.


This new scam leads users to a website which offers them to monetize their website using "Clickbank Tag Clouds" and is similar to one of those "I made $5000 in a day scam" landing page. The website boasts that it has been featured on Yahoo, Google MSN, AOL, Ask Jeeves and Lycos. Though these claims might be true because of search engine listings and paid advertisements, these sites are definitely not endorsing them.

As usual, do not click on those links as they will just lead you to nothing and then spread to your friends too.

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