Backup Your Facebook Data With Social Safe

With 200 Million users, Facebook has become the most popular social platform. Along with tons of wall postings and messages, people store photo albums, videos and a number of other personal things on Facebook. What if one day you wake up and everything is gone? Chances are pretty slim that something like that would happen to your Facebook data, but should you take the risk?

SocialSafe is a new web service with a solution to this problem. For a little price ($2.99), they back up all your Facebook data and store it on your local machine so you can also browse it while you are offline. It is a neat idea and one that would definitely come in handy for people who spend countless hours on Facebook.

Currently, SocialSafe only supports Facebook but they promise coverage for more networks in the future. One big feature that I think they are missing is the ability to backup all this data in the cloud because a hard drive crash is probably more common than an accidental account deletion on Facebook. Right now this is something that would have to be done by the user. Check out their video to learn more about SocialSafe.

Via [KillerStartups]

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