How to Avoid Facebook LikeJacking Scams

Recently, some of my friends and family have been victims of Likejacking at Facebook. It’s a type of clickjacking in which you are tricked into Likeinga website. It’s never happened to me, but I’ve just been very lucky. After a short time studying these Likejacking scams, I can see that it’s easy to be tricked. Below are three examples and how it works.

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As you can see, these are very tempting and they look like legitimate Likesfrom your friends. If you click to open them, you are taken to a page, normally with a video on it that needs to be clicked to play.



Clicking to play it, will instantly Likethis page on your wall. You can’t see it, but there’s a hidden Likebutton under your mouse cursor, no matter where you click on the page. Isn’t that sneaky?

Usually, you’ll be directed to fill out surveys before you are allowed to see a video. The hackers get paid for getting people to fill them out.

One defense against Likejacking is to use the Firefox browser with the NoScript add-on. If you are using Opera or Chrome browsers, you might try NotScripts.

Here’s what it looks like when a hidden Likejack is detected with NoScript.


In Google’s Chrome browser, you can right click on a link in Facebook and open it in Incognitomode. That way, you won’t be logged into Facebook when you arrive at the new page.


So far, I haven’t seen that feature in other browsers, but I think it can be added via extensions or addons.

Your best defense is some common sense. You will need to be more suspicious of your friends’ posts. It’s hard to resist temptation, but it’s also good for you.

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  • “It’s hard to resist temptation, but it’s also good for you.” – amen.

  • i also experienced this. i hate this kind of tactics just to get many facebook fans

  • nice info..i’m also hate this kind of spam..make may facebook wall really disgusting with those trash..

  • Before some time also same message was spread, after knowing also many user have clicked on that video link…

    FB should blog the domain names which are hosting such third party javascripts.

  • Seems like this is becoming a common ground on Facebook. I had a friend who had 3 postings of a video which targets people to click the video and takes them to a site which seems like it downloads a script.

    I think what will help is not only to identify the problem but also if it happened to you? What next?

    Besides common sense may not be so common. My suggestion if it did happen is to take the links off the page, run an update scan change password done.

    • Dvd sison

      What pas word?

  • good post, but anyway need to improve it

  • yes its easy to be tricked,
    cause its so simple to make a script

  • Cole K

    I tried NOTSCRIPTS for Opera and it made Facebook just stop working. Maybe I’m missing something? The GHOSTERY Opera extension is great though. It removed 575 Advertisers from my browser.

  • pls beware of facebook is very easy to be a victim…..

  • Nice work Clif.

  • Ninjabreadman

    If you open it (in incognito mode or otherwise) and right click it, then select “inspect element” (if you’re on Google Chrome, at least) you can actually see the script of the like button, and it highlights it…it’s right underneath the play button, as per this post. :O :P