Your Next Login to Facebook Might Leave You Surprised

If you’re still using the old Facebook profile layout, and haven’t made a switch to the new Timeline, then your next login to Facebook may surprise you, and might leave you wondering — “what happened?” That’s because Facebook is planning on rolling out the Timeline to all users.

When Facebook announced the new profile layout Timeline last year, it said that the new layout is a permanent change, and there’s nothing a user can do to avoid it. It also announced that within a few weeks, everyone will be upgraded to the new Timeline, regardless of whether they liked it or not.

However, many users who didn’t like the Timeline, protested saying that they wanted an option to opt-out of it. This forced Facebook to stop the automatic roll out of the feature to all users, and instead provided users with an option to adopt the redesign if they wanted. Many who enabled the Timeline just to try it out, were finding ways to disable it, or get back the old design. However, that wasn’t possible.

Now, the social media giant is looking to make the Timeline rollout a permanent change for all users. This time, no gimmicks. By this fall, Facebook has planned to automatically change the user profile layout to the Timeline as a part of its photo layout redesign earlier today, reports Tech Crunch.

Users on my friends list who were still using the old profile, were quite surprised to see the upgrade that was done without their knowledge:

Facebook Timeline roll out for all users

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At the initial stages, you may find the new Timeline confusing and cluttered, however, several features that it offers is the reason why you will start loving the Timeline. Also, switching to Timeline will not change any of your Privacy Settings, instead you will have more control on what goes into your Timeline and who can view it. You can read this article on how to Protect Your Privacy in Facebook Timeline.

With the new Timeline, you can easily navigate to older posts with the timestamp provided on the right.  Additionally, the new Activity Log feature records all your activity on Facebook, which is only visible to you. We have posted an in-depth guide about Timeline. I recommended you to go through it and know all of its features.

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