Facebook Will Soon Let You Auto Post Updates To Your Twitter Account

fb-iconSoon after Twitter introduced an official way to sync Tweets to your Facebook account, Facebook wants to return the favor.

The social site will soon let you auto-publish all your Facebook updates on Twitter, which includes status updates, photos, videos, events, notes and links that you have shared publicly on your Facebook profile. At this moment, Facebook allows users to sync updates from only applications and pages, but this feature will be extended to user profiles in coming weeks, as reported by BBC UK

This makes perfect sense, because Facebook is slowly expanding its reach by opening multiple flood gates, one at a time. Improved friend lists, the subscribe button, a dedicated messenger app, improved notifications different flowers of a garland. Interestingly, Facebook’s new subscriptionsystem works the same way as Twitter’s Followfeature does, where you can subscribeto anyone’s Facebook posts and read them, as long as the person in question allows subscriptions. Apparently, Facebook wants to extend their subscription system beyond Facebook, encouraging users to post their updates on Twitter, automatically.

To test it out, go to Facebook.com/twitter and you will be asked to chose the pages whom you want to link with a Twitter account of your choice. You will see this page only if you are the administrator of at least one Facebook page or have created a Facebook application with your Facebook account.


After you have linked your Facebook page with a Twitter account, you will be prompted to choose the updates which needs to be synced across both social sites.


Save the changes and you are done. The autopilot mode will take care of publishing the same update on your Twitter account.

While this is great news for social junkies, there is something both Facebook and Twitter have missed the ability to selectively send updates from one social site to another. I don’t want all my Facebook status updates posted over at my Twitter profile but I want only selected ones which makes sense. People don’t want to end up having an exact duplicate profile on every other social site and those who do it are either unfriended or hidden from the news feed.

As long as the synced updates are on a brand or business profile, it’s a fair practice. The moment you take auto-posting to a personal level it becomes nothing other than spam. People are already sick and tired of the same updates on every other social profile of yours and they want something human, which relates to them, not YOU.

I am just wondering why once upon a timerivals are shaking hands silently.   As they say When a common enemy (Google Plus) advances, smaller ones break walls and build bridges.

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