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With about a day left for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, the excitement is definitely building up for different medal events and the entire feel of the Olympics the once in four years event. For many the choice sport is Alpine skiing. This high-adrenaline sport involves skiing down a mountain with fixed-heel bindings on the skis. The slope of the hills and the speed that builds up is no laughing matter. Though the sporting events are done in controlled environments with little or no avalanches and trails without trees between them, adrenaline-junkies also pursue this sport in less-than-safe environments around any place where the infrastructure has led to the development of these sports. Julia Mancuso, the Olympic Gold medalist in alpine skiing from the United States is one of these Alpine ski racers who trust their skill and control with the frictionless yet dangerous floor of snow.


As a World Cup ski racer, she made her debut in 1999 at the age of 15. With several races and World Cups under her experience, she eventually won the Gold medal in the Olympic Games of 2006 launching her to stardom. One of the main reasons she enjoys her popularity is that people believe she can repeat the feat in this year’s giant slalom as well. However, she suffered from hip dysplasia (misalignment of the hip joint) through her Olympic victory and had to undergo a surgery the following year. She trained with her team following these setbacks and is confident of her skill this Olympic season, and thus fans have been quite encouraging through these months for her.

p1.julia.mancuso.getty, being a portal full of fans of different people, sports and games has created a Digg Dialogg which involves community-submitted questions voted on popularity which will be asked to Mancuso. From Trent Reznor to Bruno, many people have been questioned by the Digg user community and now it is time to ask your own questions to Julia Mancuso. However, be warned that you have about a day left to ask these questions. Make an account quickly in Digg and start firing Mancuso with your questions from alpine skiing to the brands she endorses!

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