AppBoy: Social Network For Mobile App Users And Developers

If you are even remotely involved in using or developing mobile phone applications, you’ll love AppBoy. AppBoy is a social network for mobile app lovers of all sorts of smart phones including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Palm.

It provides a portal for both users and developers of these apps to interact with each other. So whether you need to simply rant about a bad app or find a developer for a new app idea, AppBoy is one of the places you should definitely check out.

You can also use AppBoy to simple check out what other users think about a specific app before buying it. If you are playing a game on your iPhone and want some cheat codes, chances are you’ll find them at AppBoy.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

AppBoy is a much-needed social network for a potentially huge market. A mobile apps grow in number, AppBoy can bridge the gap between users and developers.

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