A Woman Finds Her Kidnapped Kids Via Facebook

A woman from south California, whose kids were kidnapped 15 years ago by her husband, has finally tracked her kids via Facebook.

Faustino Utrera, the father of two kids is put behind bars by the district police and the kids are now with their mother.

According to a report from KCCI, Faustino vanished with the two kids – a small boy and a baby girl on 1995. The kids were 2 and 3 years old respectively and they barely knew whats happening. The mother reported the issue to the local police but nothing happened for 15 years.

The mother searched everywhere for her kids but sadly she never got any clue where her kids were taken by his husband, Faustino.

Meanwhile, social networking emerged as a powerful way of communication and finding your old friends. The mother thought she should try Facebook, thus searched for her daughters profile and hit “Find”.

That’s it, she found her daughter’s profile, added her as a friend and started chatting and exchanging messages. After some days, the mother sent the teenager a family photo but this didn’t worked. “I am not interested in a relationship. I have a happy life, leave me alone”, said the daughter.

This was quite normal, because the girl was never attached with her mom and why should she believe in a strangers words?

Out of confusion, the girl deleted her Facebook profile. The mother contacted the police and investigating authorities, they tracked the Facebook profile and eventually found the family in Orlando, Fla

Faustino Utrera, the father was charged for kidnaping his own kids and taken under custody.

“There is no relationship there,” said Carrie Hoeppner of the Florida Department of Children & Families. “You don’t have that immediate joyful reunification. If in fact that is what will progress, it will take time. These children will have to build a relationship, and that is something that will not happen overnight.”

via Msnbc

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