SiteMeter Crashes Popular Sites in IE7
By on August 2nd, 2008

Just in the news that SiteMeter a popular analytics software has been crashing several popular blogs like Problogger, Consumerist, PerezHilton and thousands of other blogs using the Sitemeter as their analytics tool.

Check out the screen shots below which confirms the sites are breaking in IE7, we just wrote a article on how you could fix the issues without being aware of the sitemeter crashes just a hour ago.

Check out the screenshots below which confirm the sitemeter crashes.


Works in Firefox



If you are using sitemeter as your analytics, please disable it till they fix this issue, or your visitors will not be able to navigate in Internet Explorer 7.

Thanks to the hat tip to our anonymous email tipper.

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  • Mark

    The programmers at Site Meter must not realize that there are no weekends off when you provide a service to thousands, tens of thousands or more people around the world. Someone will have a lump in their throat once they know they have caused an issue effecting all of their java based users.


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  • Hammad

    i experienced this as well
    my site was down and the traffic was less when i checked my analytics and so i removed sitemeter after reading about it…

  • Sandip

    i guess blogsdna was unaffected by this i haven’t seen any traffic drop (which might be coz my readers are mostly firefox one :P) and i am using old sitemeter script this might be due to newer sitemeter code.. need to check it.

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