BLOG = Better Listing On Google
By on May 9th, 2008

The above code is just a simplification of what I meant to say, the more content you write on your blog, the more are your chances to influence search results.

It has not been a secret bug a single blog however unknown it may be can make a software popular and bring it from the top position to the someplace it never envisioned to ever be in.

If your wondering why I am saying this is because of this, where I rank way above Microsoft for a usual query you would first contact them for. There are many more which I can post about here ;).

So write down this definition and start blogging with the mantra (code) a BLOG = Better Listing on Google = Better Exposure for others = Better Explanation of the product.

BTW I put up a new sidebar and if you want me to write more about blogging or anything else under the world let me know your suggestions. I am open to launching a microsite for whatever topics you want me to write about.

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  • Haris

    I also found this tip a few days back, but never summed it up into the word BLOG.

  • Caleb

    Good acronym. I’ve noticed my MarketSecrets blog gets indexed far more frequently than any static site I’ve ever had. I’m thinking it’s a mix between steady posting along with the All-In-One-SEO WP plugin.

    • Keith Dsouza

      Yups indeed. I like the All in one seo plugin too, its quite good.

  • Ashish Mehra

    Thank you for the post! very informative. I have read many similar tips in different blogs but what I usually find missing is the need to elaborate on the fact that traffic should be relevant. You dont want any and everyone coming to your blog… but people who are genuinely interested. For that you need to build PR and have better marketing strategies. My company recently started using this online PR building tool called MyPRGenie for our softwares and websites, and amazingly, our traffic customer base has increased 3 times. What I am trying to say is that there are techniques which enable you to go more public like the use of this tool i just mentioned.

  • Nirmal

    Interesting definition, but for personal bloggers is it Better Listing on Google?

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