Wingless Aircraft Takes To The Sky; Unveiled At Paris Air Show

Who needs wings when you can fly without them? The Austrian aeronautical firm, Austrian Innovative Aeronautical Technology (IAT21) revealed the design of an aircraft that can fly without any wings or rotors. Unstable, you say? Not in the least bit. The wonder was unveiled at the Paris Air Show a day ago. Seems wingless is the new ‘in’.

The D-Dalus

The name is Dalus, D-Dalus! It’s named after the tragic Greek character Daedalus, who flew too close to the Sun so that his wings melted away and, consequently, he lost his son. Well, being wingless here is no tragedy for this innovative design, as it can not only fly, but also hover.

The D-Dalus

The D-Dalus is powered by rotating discs, equipped with blades whose angle can be altered mid-flight, through 360 degrees. The turbines rotate at 2200 rpm. It is, thus, able to launch vertically and hover around. It can fly at the speed of a jet and also push itself against the deck of a ship sailing in rough weather. It produces surprisingly low noise, and is as quiet as a whisper’ according to the aeronautical firm. If put into espionage, it will be a wonder-craft.

Capabilities and further plans

Right now, D-Dalus is just a prototype. It has been flown under laboratory conditions and has not been ruggedly tested in the great outdoors. It can carry a modest 70 kg as cargo. IAT21 is looking forward to using this technology for passenger planes or planes for heavier cargo. IAT21 is improving the prototype to build something suitable for rescue operations, especially in places where it is difficult to reach by any means other than air. It is also looking into surveillance technologies.

IAT21 plans to unveil the D-Dalus at other places soon, as well as put it into service!

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