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Supermoon is a natural phenomenon which occurs once every few years. During the Supermoon, the full moon is closest to the earth than any other days. According to Wikipedia, the last Supermoon took place more than a year ago on January 30, 2010. 

Today’s Supermoon has been a rage all across the world and the Internet. While, in the real world, it is a profitable day for quacks making big bucks off fooling people, the Supermoon has been linked to catastrophes and nightmarish calamities like volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

With the Internet being the largest source of digital content, there is a totally positive and pleasant aspect to this Supermoon. This phenomenon will  fill up the Internet with some beautiful Moon pictures.

Here are a few Supermoon images and images capturing the moon in all its glory. I took a shot at capturing the Supermoon myself too. You see the results below. All in all, the Supermoon is really superb and bright tonight.

Picture 1


Picture 2


And if you do not have a good enough camera, you can always look at the moon through the WWT.


Picture 4 and 5 (Taken by our own Kaushik – Also available on his Flickr stream)


This phenomenon is happening after 3 long years and is surely one you would not want to miss.

Check the buzz about Supermoon on Twitter at this page. If you were not following all the buzz, check out NASA’s explanation of what a Supermoon is at this YouTube page.

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