No Reason To Fear The Supermoon Tomorrow; Just Enjoy It

This one’s really a personal note, but I want to share it with everyone. The last time the moon came really close to the Earth and it was a full moon night was on March 19, 2011. It was the supermoon event – or should I say The Supermoon event – that won’t find a duplicate in 18 years hence. It was also a perfect event for astrologers, soothsayers and anyone willing to stick their neck out for any sort of prediction to con people. Of course, the predictions need not be right – the fear would earn them thousands by the hour. And all of this became personal when people who I know well started asking me if this is indeed true!

The Supermoon Event on 19th March, 2011. (Courtesy: Reuters)

So what were the claims? There were claims of earthquakes striking, of natural disasters occurring and of events happening that would destroy the Earth before the “impending” 2012 date! Are these true, I was asked. Of course not, I answered. But then why so many warnings? Why so many astrologers saying so? Are they all wrong?

People are much crueler to politicians and doctors as opposed to charlatans! Apparently, both politicians and doctors can lie – even at great risk – just for a few bucks, but astrologers and psychics just won’t! Yeah, really!

The world is NOT coming to an END!

So here it is – my message loud and clear. There is going to be nothing odd happening on supermoon night. Yes, except for slightly higher tides that is. There is no positive correlation about the occurrence of earthquakes and the supermoon event. Furthermore, seismic forces are very powerful orders of magnitude more powerful than just lunar gravitational forces.

So here is the bottomline – enjoy the supermoon. Let go of any worries you might have about the supermoon bringing destruction upon you. Do nothing different! But of course, if you’re a real romantic, this is the perfect night to spend with your beloved under the stars. Let the magic of the Earth’s only natural satellite sweep you off your feet!

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