With Revolutionary New Technology, Samsung Promises to Turn Your Window Into An LED Screen

A Revolution in LED fabrication technology has allowed Samsung to paint its own picture of the future.

Samsung has announced a major breakthrough with LED technology. They promise to make ordinary glass screens act as LED screens. They even predict touch sensitive screens made of ordinary glass. The glass panes in windows can double up as entertainment devices, display or even lighting screens.

These should get bigger!

The Breakthrough

The great breakthrough is that the company’s R&D has discovered how to fabricate crystalline Gallium Nitride, the standard wide bandgap semiconductor used for LED screens, on an amorphous glass substrate, rather than crystalline Sapphire substrate.

This breakthrough will also help Samsung develop bigger LED screens at very low prices. Your window screen can function as an LED screen that you can use for advertising, lighting or even watching a movie. Soon you might be able to see entire building lit up, with the windows acting as LED screens. Samsung predicts about a 400 times increase in the size of LEDs available in the market now. A 2 inch LED could swell up to 800 inches!

Imagine electronics added to that, John: Russell Crowe as the eccentric genius John Nash in 'A Beautiful Mind' writing on his office window.

It’s still some time away

The technology is in its infancy, however. Samsung thinks that it could take upto 10 years to make the product commercially available to everyone. ┬áDon’t get excited about the touchscreen promise just yet! There’s a long way to go.

Did Samsung just answer its own question: Next is What?

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