Beauty with Brains : New Miss USA Is A Science Geek; Emphatically Affirms Evolution

Beauty with Brains : New Miss USA Is A Science Geek; Emphatically Affirms Evolution

It’s the most attractive you can get beauty along with brains. When Alyssa Campanella won the Miss USA crown last night, Californians were not the only ones cheering her. She had gained many admirers among the world’s science community, especially amongst evolutionists.

Alyssa Camponella reacts on winning the Miss USA crown

Her Answer…

Campanella is a confessed science geek. She had already got that reputation before the contest began and she did no harm to it when she responded to the question Should Evolution Be Taught In Schools?’ with an unapologetic, emphatic and spontaneous yes’. Whether it was this one answer that sealed the deal for her is a matter of debate, take a look at her answer below.

I was taught evolution in my high school growing up and I do believe in it. I’m a huge science geek

Yes, she did get her facts right! The answer was even more emphatic given that the other contestants were mostly hesitant or answered in the negative. The common answers were along the lines of teaching both sides’, there are people of different opinions’ and teach both evolution and creation so that students can make up their minds’. Can’t stand up for your convictions, heh? Watch the answers below.

Those (horrid) answers

Let’s look at some of the most laughable answers.

Madeline Mitchell of Alabama says directly, No, I do not believe in evolution. I do not believe it should be taught in schools. Nice going. Jessica Chukran from Alaska doesn’t personally believe in evolution, but recommends it for schools because she believes that evolution is a part of US history and west belief system. What? This is so wrong. Most thought that evolution should be taught in schools, because people should know both sides of the story. Students are entitled to their opinions was an oft-repeated argument, and both opinions should be taught. Interestingly, many said that religion should also be taught in schools alongside evolution. Just one problem though: Isn’t that against the US constitution?

Here’s my reply to all the lovely ladies saying that evolution should be taught in schools only because students have to know both sides of the story: There is no story. Evolution is reality; it’s hardcore scientific fact. This is what really happened, not what is written in the holy books. That is why it should be taught.

And the funniest of the lot: (this one’s good!)

I’ll get to the best answers, but before that allow me my funniest pick. It was Kia Hampton from Kentucky. She rambled along the following lines:

Evolution should not be taught in schools because there are so many different views on it, so many different definitions, it’s like, how do you teach a child (pronounced ‘chow’) the true meaning of evolution when so many different cultures have their different beliefs?

Aah, this is wrong on so many counts, but for now, let’s just have a laugh. Her state’s Creation Museum owners would be so proud.

Just Saying

The best answer came from the winner Alyssa Campanella, quoted above. Very nice answers came from Alida D’Angona (Massachusetts) and Brittany Thelemann (Mississippi).

Men may never find out what women want, but I think there is a consensus that men find smarter women more attractive. Richard Dawkins explained this saying that since the brain was our primary tool for survival, it was used to attract mates as well. A good intellect is a huge attraction. Well, Richard, you just got vindicated.

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  • Nairit

    Its ‘Campanella’, not ‘Camponella’

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  • Man… you’re sure going to win us believers over with your respectful tone.

    How do you know evolution is true btw? Were you there to observe all life evolving buddy?

    How do you know God won’t kick your sorry behind for your rather respectful tone?

    • Let me ask you. You don’t believe in evolution.. That’s fine. But how do you believe in ” God” .. Do you have proof that ” god” exists? There’s no proof of ” his” existence nor a book written by regular people just like you and me is proof of that.


    • Nairit

      With all due respect , lemme tell you a secret.The author of this post and God are bosom buddies.And God has entrusted him to spread the Evolution word.And last time I heard God, She was very enthusiastic in kicking your assets with Her lightning shaped stiletto heels.That you are not feeling the pain is because the author has stopped Her,saying that people like you are sources of pure entertainment and should be nurtured.
      God is going to be really angry with me for divulging the secret and might actually cancel our date(I asked Her out two days back).But I thought I should sacrifice this much for my fellow believer.So please watch out …
      God bless…

    • Debjyoti Bardhan

      Why should God have to kick my behind for believing in an established scientific fact? He’s not anti-science, I hope!