Giant Stone Statues of Easter Island “Walked” Into Present Position, Experts Opine

After years of speculation during which various people said various things, including that they were rolled into position or even that aliens had something to do with them, it seems that the stone statues on Easter Island walked into their present position! Yes, literally walked!

One of the giant statues that seemingly walked into position

Before you start believing in a divine hand in the process or an extra-terrestrial one, let me tell you that the latest theory merely says that people rocked the statue from side-to-side and it ‘walked’. A group of local and US anthropologists and archeologists champion this theory. Not only that, they have even demonstrated that!


There are as many as 887 statues, most towering at 32 feet and weighing up to 80 tons each, couldn’t have been rolled into position. They are just too heavy. This had been demonstrated earlier. The team, comprising 18 people, formed two groups on each side and started rhythmically tugging at the statue and it moved a surprising 100 meters in under an hour. True, this is still ardous, but this seems to be the only plausible explanation.

The team have even reported finding marks over many of the moai (the statues), which suggested that they might have toppled over and people wanted to return it to their upright position. It does seem that the moai walked right out of their construction sites and into their position.

Preserve history, destroy thyself

The moai are a way to immortalize their ancestors – the Rapa Nui. It is believed that they converted the island, west of Chile, from a flourishing paradise to an almost desert, felling trees recklessly both for their own subsistence and also to move these stone statues. Wood became a precious commodity and the different clans fought over it. It is believed that even cannibalism might have been prevalent.

The ancestors had come back to haunt the people through these statues, it seems.

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