Editorial: Curiosity Killed the Planet, Why Now is Not the Time to Explore Mars

Budgeting a Better World

In fairness to NASA, it’s not like they are the sole reason for the earth’s ills. They have a relatively small piece of an outrageously huge pie and that brings me to my final point. The United States is in a nasty recession and teetering on the brink of depression. The great experiment is reaching its boiling point and to put it simply, we’re broken and we’re broke. We’re broken because of a political class that refuses to look past the party agendas and work together to solve real problems that face our nation. Can you believe the U.S. government hasn’t passed a budget since 1997? We’re not just broken, but we’re broke as well. We have an unemployment rate that is astronomical. We’ve just passed a 1000 page healthcare bill that no one can wrap their minds around and really have no idea how it’s going to affect the economy. According to, our national debt has increased $3.8 Billion per day since 2007.

As cool as finding life on other planets would be, I am simply more interested in research that would save lives here. I would love to see the U.S. solve its monetary problems and get back to reality before we shoot for the stars. Physics is a fascinating science and astrophysics is just super cool. However, there are other sciences that equally need our attention and real solutions to real problems need to be found. When I see my 50 year old cousin die from lupus, or when I see a friend trapped in his own body from ALS; I have to say that martian microbials are the least of my concern.

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  • Lbrewer42

    I can see your point in a lot of this, but the other side of the coin is that with research and development like it takes to get to another planet, we end up helping some (note that word) of the problems here on this planet. As one example, computer technology/advancement was helped tremendously through the 60’s space project. And it is not hard to see the benefits that our present computers have brought us in medical research, agriculture, etc. Now if only we COULD find some way to fix the political aspect of things. Yeah… right – man’s very nature makes this an impossible solution. Ask the rest of history.

  • Time lord

    What is the point of having a huge 7 billion population like a fungal infection on surface of earth, if its sole ambition is to suffocate the earth by living a life, just like any other animal?
    Human civilization’s real achievement is not filling of the earth with a single species. It is our success in unlocking the secrets of how the universe work.
    PS: I’m not saying we should not fund medical science. That will be stupid. But that is not the only thing we should do.

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