Tiny Amounts Of Alcohol Double A Worm’s Life Expectancy!

Humans might just envy Caenorhabditis elegans. It has been found that tiny amounts of alcohol nearly double the lifespan of this particular worm. However, even the UCLA chemistry professors who discovered this bizarre phenomenon, are unable to explain why.

The worm! (Photo courtesy: Shilpi Khare, one of the team members)

This study was intended as a model of aging. Tiny amounts of ethanol were given to worms and they found that, instead of dying soon, the worms were  living much longer – sometimes almost twice as longer!

Cholesterol and Ethanol

Steven Clarke, the biochemistry professor at UCLA and lead author of the study, surmised that it’s only the high doses of alcohol which affect an organism adversely. Alcohol in low concentrations might actually be helpful. He says:

We used far lower levels, where it may be beneficial.

The team studied the worms right from their larval stage to adulthood. The worms eat bacteria and live for a mere 15 days. The tiny amount of alcohol was noticed to extend the life of the worms to 20 to 40 days consistently.

The lab tested the effect of cholesterol on these worms. They injected cholesterol, which is quite harmful in humans, since it often tends to clog up vital arteries and veins in humans. What they found was that the ethanol ingested earlier was helpful in dissolving the cholesterol, and indeed cholesterol dissolves in ethanol rather readily. The dilution of the ethanol administered earlier was 1-in-1000.

No one knows why!

Different concentrations yielded similar results. The team tried concentrations of 1-in-20,000, but the results were still positive. The effect was however not found when the concentration was increased to about 1-in-250. The puzzle is still open.

The lab is now trying to isolate the factor, which leads to this strange behavior. They suspect a gene. This immediately opens up the question as to whether this same procedure can be helpful to humans or not. Afterall, we share a large percentage of our genetic baggage with these worms. There is more – the worms ingesting alcohol look healthier than ones which do not. Says Paola Castro, one of the members of the group:

At high magnifications under the microscope, it was amazing to see how the worms given a little ethanol looked significantly more robust than worms not given ethanol.

It is possible that the worms are using the ethanol directly as a source of food.

Before you ask, let us just say that this procedure may not really be applicable to humans. And if you really want to drink, kindly give yourself a better excuse than ‘Even a worm drinks and look where that’s got it’.

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  • Lbrewer42

    Very interesting artilce, but there are two unscientific fallacies addressed here.

    One is the nonsense of the cholesterol myth. Do some honest research and you find this myth has been a money-backed farce for drug makers to boost sales. Why in the world would people ever need to advertise for prescription drugs in the first place?! Do we find it significant that although the percentage of people dying from supposed cholesterol/heart related deaths has not changed since all the highly advertised cholesterol drugs started appearing on the market? Money, money, money…

    Second – (only hinted at by the scientists in this experiment) genetics has come to the point that the fallacy of alcoholism being a genetic consequence is also a dead issue. Yes, there will be people with weaker constitutions – but for everything on this planet! And it is very possible, if you look hard enough to find it, that you might find some genes that they all have in common (no kidding – most people have the genetic code for eyes also!). But since abusing alcohol causes so many destructive consequences, liberalism had to come up with a way of trying to make a person not responsible for their own actions and used the “gene” card long before we understood even what gene sequences determine a person’s eye color – let alone their choices/habits in drinking beverages. Do you have the Pepsi or Coke gene LOL!

    Welcome to the new, politically-&-greed motivated dark ages of science.