Creating Real 3D Images In Air By Making Plasma With Lasers!  [With a Video]

Creating Real 3D Images In Air By Making Plasma With Lasers! [With a Video]

This is just too cool. Forget about the 3D optical illusion that is used to show 3D movies, this 3D technology is for real! The True 3D display technology creates plasma at specific points in air (or under water) and hence forms a true 3D picture. The plasma is formed by a high frequency laser, powerful enough to create pockets of plasma that give off light.

Making a plasma show!

The technology is developed by Burton and improves upon a previously known version of 3D technology. The researchers point out that this is the first time you can show pictures without any screen!

This system can create about 50,000 dots per second, and its frame rate is currently about 10-15 fps. But we’re working to improve the frame rate to 24-30 fps.

Presently, they are testing the system with a green laser in water, as it takes much less energy to make plasma in water than in air. The results are definitely positive. They plan to use a higher power laser to make such images in air! The next step would be to generate multiple colors using red, blue and green lasers. The final step would be to use this system to screen a short film!

This following video (Courtesy: should be self-explanatory. Warning: When I first saw it, my mind was completely blown! Enjoy.

Has the time for a redefinition of a 3D film imminent in a few years?

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