You won’t beleive what she does!! Facebook Scam

A new like-jacking scam is spreading through Facebook. The scam states: “You won’t beleive what she does!! Omg you have to watch it”. The message contains a YouTube link and when a user clicks on the video link, the scam will be automatically posted on your Facebook wall stating that you “like” the video.

Here’s a screenshot of the scam:

Facebook Scam
You can notice that there’s a typo in the scammer’s message. The word ‘beleive’ has been spelled incorrectly.

Beware, please do not click on the link and remember to ‘Mark as Spam’

Here’s a post written by Cliff on how you can avoid like-jacking scams on Facebook.

Image credits: Facecrooks

7 thoughts on “You won’t beleive what she does!! Facebook Scam”

  1. These scams are everywhere, nothing new. The more that appear, the less people will trust them and click them. The rarer they are, the more people will think they are real.

  2. I’ve receive this scam twice but it’s a different thumbs not what is posted on this blog I think that their are lots of it out there…I’ve heard that they can also earn with this type of scam…

    1. ditto on that !, it has no “x” button to remove it, how and who would have permissions to post something on YOUR page that YOU cannot access to remove, this is very UNSECURE and facebook should fix this. if anything they should have a “remove all post” from your page, it’s a good thing that these are not kept like a journal and can only go back so far into dates.

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