Wow! Your Photo is Cool Twitter Spam

There’s seems to be a spam message spreading on Twitter, where users are posting and re-tweeting about a photo with a shortened URL to a website. The message spreading is “WOW! your photo is cool” along with a link.

Spammers have created a Twitter bot that has been randomly sending the spam message to Twitter users by mentioning them in the tweet. When you search on Twitter for the message, you will see a number RTs and @ replies the message has received. The results are displayed in real-time and you can also notice the number of tweets flowing in related to the message.

Your Photo is Cool - Twitter Spam

Upon clicking the link, you will be redirected to a bogus page where you will be asked to download an application program. Please DO NOT download this whatsoever as this is a malware program that is designed to steal user information.

Generally, malware programs collect information such as email id, passwords, contact numbers in the background and sends them to the automatically to scammer without your knowledge. It is recommended that you avoid clicking on any suspicious links on Twitter or Facebook.

Sometimes you will be redirected to your Twitter profile and ask permission to install an app. Such apps will then send out rogue messages as a direct message to all your followers and continue spreading the malware message across the social networking site.

You will also get a warning message from your browser indicating that the site you are visiting could be potentially harmful to your computer as such:

Chrome Warning

There are a number of scam messages spreading on Twitter and Facebook, and it advised to be careful before clicking any links. Some of the phishing attacks on Twitter have spread through DM messages like “You Seen What This Person is Saying About You Terrible Things” and “Somebody is Saying Real Bad Rumors About You“.

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