WIN 800 FV Cash and 50,000,00 Coins Free – Facebook Scam

A new Facebook Scam is underway and it similar to few earlier Scams where people were enticed to get Free Citiville coins, Free Facebook credits among other things. The scam is spreading through a Facebook event and is similar to earlier Facebook events scam one of which was see who viewed your profile on Facebook.

Win Cash Coins Facebook Scam

The scam is spreading with the following text:



Time: ‎9:00AM Saturday, August 13th

Please note that the date, time and text of the event may be different for different people. The scam forces people to follow some simple steps as seen in the screenshot below when they click on the link. While the scam is innovative at best, it is being spread by users who are actually clicking on the "I’m Attending button" and does not hijack a user account.

Win Cash Facebook Event

However, users who follow the final step in the event will basically be redirected to a Facebook app, which will then be redirected to a spam website which will ask users to fill out a survey. Filling out the survey will make money for the scammer while you get nothing.

It is recommended that you DO NOT click on such links or scam messages on Facebook. If you come across this scam message, please delete/remove the scam from your Facebook news feed immediately. Alternately, you can report the scam to Facebook Security.

Here is an article about Avoiding Facebook Likejacking and Clickjacking scams. We have also compiled a list of Most Actively Spreading Scams on Facebook on Facebook for you to look through and avoid. You might also want to use a security application for protecting you from Facebook scams. As a precautionary measure, always check which applications you use and remove unwanted or suspicious ones. If you aren’t sure how to do it, you can always check our guide on removing apps from Facebook.

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