Look What This Girl Wore at the Beach Video Facebook Scam

A new scam message is reported to be speeding on Facebook, luring users to click on a video link that reveals about the outfit a girl wore at the beach. Before you get too excited and open the link, be warned that this is a scam message, and opening it will result in the automatic download of malware program, which could harm your computer.

The Facebook scam is spreading with the flowing message, title, and thumbnail as shown below:

Look what this girl is wearing at the beach in front of thousands of people (or) Look What This Girl Wore at the Beach

During the summer holidays, this girl took the opportunity to do something unheard of! I bet no one can do the same

Look what this girl wore at the beach

Clicking the link will take you to a site where you’ll find a video player that looks exactly like YouTube. However, this is a fake player, and upon clicking it, a pop-up box opens up asking you to take up an online survey before you can view the video.

After having completed the survey, you will redirected to another site, where a rogue browser extension will be installed on your system. This program is designed to Like-Jack your Facebook account, which “likes” and shares the same scam message with your friends without your knowledge. A similar version of this scam was reported earlier, however, it only had a bogus video player on the site.

Scammers generally create such scam messages to entice users and trick them to “like” or share messages on Facebook.

It is always recommended that you avoid clicking on scam messages. It is quite difficult to identify scams on Facebook. Here is a post on How to Identify and Avoid Facebook Scams. As a precautionary measure, always check which applications you use and remove unwanted or suspicious ones. If you aren’t sure how to do it, you can always check our guide on removing apps from Facebook. In addition to that, don’t forget to check out our article about Avoiding Facebook Lifejacking and Clickjacking scams.

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