Starbucks Giveaway Scam Spreading on Pinterest

By now, most of you would have tried out the pin board styled social photo sharing site Pinterest, which was launched last year. Pinterest allows its users to create and manage collections of images based on a theme and share the same with their followers as well as their friends on Facebook.

Pinterest aims to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting.” The newly added networking site is picking up and gaining popularity tremendously.

However, with this success, scammers have already taken advantage of the popularity of the site to spread scam messages and bogus links in order to trick users by asking them to enter their personal information or financial details.

Just like how scams are spreading on the popular social networking site Facebook, Pinterest too is now affected by these scams.

TrendLabs and various other sources have notified their readers about a recent scam that broke out on Pinterest and has been spreading across the network like wildfire.

Starbucks Free Giveaway - Pinterest

The logo of Starbucks along with the message – “Starbucks is giving away free gift cards to all Pinterest users!” has been spreading across the new social networking site. Users are asked to click on a link, which will lead them to a bogus site where they are asked to answer a set of online surveys. Users are also asked to “Pin it” in order to be qualify for the giveaway contest.

As I mentioned earlier, this is simply a scam message and there are no gift cards given away for free. Scammers are only trying to trick users by asking them to answer the online surveys. It is highly recommended that you avoid clicking the Starbucks giveaway message link and do not waste your time by answering any online surveys.

We recommend that you avoid clicking on such messages if you come across on Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter. We always keep our readers updated with the latest scams spreading on Facebook. We will make sure to keep you updated on the scams spreading on Pinterest as well. Bookmark our Techie Buzz Scams page. Alternatively, you can follow our dedicated scams page on Facebook – Techie Buzz Scam Monitor.

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