You Seen What This Person is Saying About You Terrible Things Twitter Phishing Attack

We have been seeing a lot of Facebook Scams these days, however, it looks like is also being attacked by users with a lot of scam messages. Unlike most of the Twitter scam messages spread through direct messages and are usually phishing attacks.

Twitter DM Phising Message

A new direct message scam is spreading on Twitter right now with a direct message:

You seen what this person is saying about you? [link] terrible things..

The above message comes from someone you might know and follow on Twitter and looks pretty real. If  you click on the URL accompanied in the message, you will be taken to a webpage which is designed to look like Twitter and asked you enter your username and password.


Please DO NOT enter you username and password since the scammers will then gain access to your account username and password. If you do enter your username and password into the phishing page, the scammers will then redirect you to Twitter and ask permission to install an app which will then send out the rogue message as a direct message to all your followers and continue spreading the phishing attack.

Most modern browsers like and will detect the URL as a phishing website so you might be better off upgrading to a secure browser.

To avoid phishing attacks, always look at the URL to see whether you are entering your password on the site itself and not some masked URL which is made to look like the original site. Additionally, you should also periodically check the apps you have given access to in your Twitter account and remove unwanted apps. Learn how to remove apps or revoke app permissions in Twitter.

One thought on “You Seen What This Person is Saying About You Terrible Things Twitter Phishing Attack”

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