New Nigerian 419 Scam Attempts to Leverage Britain’s EuroMillion Lottery Jackpot Winners’ Generosity

Nigerian 419 scams are nothing new. In fact, these scams even pre-date the Internet era and were originally carried out through snail mail. Most of us are probably all too familiar with these scam mails that promise to give away millions. Sadly, there are still many unfortunate gullible souls who fall for these advance fee fraud schemes.

Typical Nigerian 419 scam mails pretend to be from some African prince, diplomat, or gold/diamond seller. Even though the pretence varies, the basic plot is always the same. The person emailing you has amassed a huge fortune and is currently in a tricky situation. He needs your help to save his fortune, and in return, he is willing to offer you a significant share. 419eater has a nice collection of Nigerian scam mails. Knock yourself out, if you have nothing better to do right now.


Although there are still naive individuals who fall for Nigerian scams, the increase in general awareness has made the job of scammers tougher. The reduction in hit ratio has forced them to become more creative. Here’s a shining example of a rather smartly written Nigerian scam mail.

You are the LUCKY one!
Compliments of the day to you!!!

Our names are Dave and Angela Dawes..This email is to inform you that last month october,We won one of Britain’s biggest lottery of 101 million Pounds. This is so much to spend,therefore We have decided to donate to the less priviledged and charity projects all over the world. We also want to make atleast 20 people millionaires like us. It will interest you to know that your email was picked alongside other 9 email addresses by our lawyer as a lucky individual for a cash dontaion of 1 million pounds from us.
We know this may sound like a joke or a hoax but please have no doubt as this is 100% real. Get back to us immediately via our email address below for details on how to get your donation.

To verify,please see our interview by visiting the web pages below.

Good luck,
Dave and Angela Dawes
Email: [email protected]

This mail managed to sneak past Gmail’s spam filters into my inbox. Even though the mail has horrible grammar and spelling throughout, it’s possibly the most convincing Nigerian scam that I have come across. It leverages a real news story, and even links to a newspaper article. Dave and Angela Dawes really did win £101m in last month’s EuroMillion lottery, and they really are planning on giving away a million pounds to twenty family members and friends. Of course, the devil is in the details. The Dawes aren’t silly enough to give away their fortune to random strangers.

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