“Like” and “Share” to See Magic Trick – Facebook Spam

Facebook is one of the best platforms to share anything that is interesting and catchy. However, there are several users on Facebook who fail to drive attention and would want to get more users to “like” their Facebook page, or their work. Such users create a challenging task and ask users to “like” or “share” their pages in order to see something interesting, or in this case a magic trick.

Quite recently, there have been a lot of blurred images spreading over Facebook with a message at the bottom stating, “First Like, then Share, and then see the magic.” For instance, here’s an blurred image of Mickey Mouse that is spreading with the message:

Like and Share to See Magic

The above image was shared by popular cricket star Virat Kohli on his Timeline, and has also tagged over 50 people in it. Believing the star, many of his fans “liked” and “shared” the same image in order to see the Facebook magic trick, and for obvious reasons, the so called “trick” didn’t work.

Similarly, there are many such blurred images that are spreading, asking users to “like” a Facebook page in order to see the magic trick work. After having “liked” and “shared” the image, or the link to the Facebook fan page, users have realized that nothing happens and there is no “magic.” They have also acknowledged that it doesn’t work by adding their comments.

Needless to say, users need to understand that there is no such magic, even if they “like” a fan page, or “share” it with their friends. The creators of such messages are simply trying to increase the number of “likes” for their Facebook pages. It’s not only pointless to spread this message, but you’re also making a fool of yourself by sharing such messages with your friends.

I recommend that you avoid sharing messages like the one showed above and avoid spamming your friends’ news feed. Also, make sure you tell your friends about it by sharing this post with them. We at Techie Buzz always try to keep you updated with the latest scams spreading on Facebook. You can follow our dedicated Facebook page where we report all spreading scams – Techie Buzz Scam Monitor.

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