New Phishing Attacks on Indian Bank Customers
By on August 16th, 2010

A major phishing attack has been launched against Indian banking customers by the administrator of a hitherto unknown organization called the Indian Bank Association (IBA). The administratorof this organization has sent out a warningagainst money laundering and its evil and in pretty strong language, urges you to update your records on your bank. The administrator has also kindly given you links to all the major Indian banks’ websites.
Very neat, isn’t it?


As you can see from this screenshot, none of the Web of Trust icons are colored in the friendly safegreen color. The grayed out circle with a question mark indicates that the link is an unknown site that has not been marked down or up by the community. Which probably means that they are recent sites. In the context of a banking site, that means unsafe.


Clicking on any of the links in that email sends you to a page of a domain named’.


ICICI bank’s original page has a high rating in WOT.


Something is very phishy about this. Ignore and mark as spam any email you get from admin [at] iba [dot] com.

[Thanks to Sathya ]

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